Altos Hornos de Mexico headquarters and steel plants in Monclova

15 February 2019 | $150

AItos Hornos de Mexico is the largest integrated steel company in the country.

It operates at a rate close to 5 million tons per year of liquid steel and employs 19,000 workers, including its mining subsidiaries.

It has 2 steel plants in Monclova, covering an area of 1,200 hectares.

During your approximately 3-hour visit you will visit both steel plants via bus tour and will enjoy walk tours of each:

• Blast Furnace 6, Continuous Casting 4/Electric Arch Furnace

• Steckel Plate Mill

• Normalizing Plant

Altos Hornos de Mexico










Preliminary schedule

Friday, 15 February

05:30 Departure from hotel

08:00 Arrival at AHMSA

08:30 Tour

11:30 Departure from AHMSA

14:00 Arrival at hotel


The maximum capacity is 20 participants. To register for the field trip you need to first register for the main conference.

Refreshments will be provided as well as the safety equipment that you must wear in each area (helmets, gloves, glasses, anti-flame jackets and ear protection) but you need to bring your own pair of safety shoes (steel tipped shoes with protection over your toes).

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