Halliburton 視察ツアー

Wednesday, 26 September 2018 | $100 per person (TBC)

Halliburton's history of fracturing achievement is due to continuous devotion to technology development, extensive training and a global best practices process.

Since Halliburton performed the first commercial fracturing treatment in 1949, over 1 million wells have been successfully fractured by the industry in the United States.

With the advent of horizontally drilled shale plays, new challenges and new opportunities for reward are evident. Increased demands on equipment and greater numbers of service lines sharing the same space requires a change of operations to reach maximum efficiency.

Halliburton is evolving the way to provide services needed to maximize return from these plays. Halliburton sees a new approach to fracturing that maximizes productivity, minimizes down time, and optimizes the operator's return on their service investment.

More information about the field trip and an itinerary will be available soon.

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