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Day 1: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Session I: Keynote sessions

8:30AM Keynote speech: producers taking center stage
  • How are producers keeping up with innovation in frac sand grain size and grade?
  • What factors are influencing 2019 strategy planning?
  • How is the outlook of frac sand different by state in the short term? Will differences persist in the long term?
Zigurds Vitols, CEO, Select Sands Corporation
Rhett Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, Black Mountain Sand
9:00AM End user panel
  • Will the change in dynamic between Northern white and regional sand impact well optimisation?
  • What technical challenges are likely to dominate in the future?
  • Purchasing concerns with regional sands: what to expect in 2019?
Bill Melton, Northern Region PE Manager, Halliburton
Aaron Davis, Supply Chain Director, Marathon Oil Company
Miguel Gastellum, Executive Director, Supply Chain Management, FTS International
10:00AM Macro picture of the frac sand market
  • How much is in basin sand going to be adopted by operators?
  • Can current supply continue to meet growing demand for frac sand?
  • What are some evolving market trends and dynamics?
Joel Schneyer, Managing Director, Capstone Headwaters
10:30AM Networking break

Session II: Looking to the future of frac sand

11:00AM Oil and gas pricing: recovering from the past and preparing for the future
  • An overview of future drilling activity: what are the implications for frac sand demand?
  • What is driving current fundamentals?
  • An assessment of pricing trends for the last 12 months: What is the global oil supply cash cost curve?
  • What are the breakeven price point for Permian producers and producers outside the Permian?
Thomas Jacob, Senior Analyst, Rystad Energy
11:30AM Frac sand pricing: Industrial Minerals insights
  • How has the price developed over the last year?
  • What are the profit margins between regional and Northern white sand?
  • Who stands to gain and who stands to face challenges?
William Clarke, Reporter, Industrial Minerals
12:00PM Northern white vs regional sands: what are the benefits?
  • Is the use of regional sands in oil drilling a false economy?
  • Growth in regional sand usage in the Permian, Midcon and Eagle ford, where is the DJ regional sand?
  • Is slip stream production from existing sand and gravel quarries in DJ possible?
Scott Sustacek, CEO, Jordan Sands
12:30PM Networking lunch
2:00PM The rail transportation problem: what is the solution
  • Rail competitiveness versus local regional trucked sand- is it simply a case of distance?
  • Winter rail bottlenecks and shipping disruptions, can this be planned around?
  • Assessing short lines, dual service rail and overall competitiveness in the regionally driven new normal sand market.
  • Understanding the future relevance of rail as a transport option and how it can better serve the frac sand market.
2:30PM Quality control: regional sand under the microscope
  • How low can you go on spec size: can sand below 30/50 spec still sell?
  • Does lower quality sand lead to inefficiencies?
  • Are there concerns about the grade quality?
  • What are the implications of the 100 mesh overhang and shortage of 40/70?
David Frattaroli, Executive Vice President, Business Development, High Roller Sand
Tony Little, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fortress Proppants Ltd
3:10PM Challenges of direct sourcing: can sand producers compete?
  • Will direct sourcing and debundling lead to long-term savings?
  • How does this impact the way sand and service companies operate?
  • Exploring the implications of using cost-effective alternatives regional sand.
  • What strategies are being utilized by sand producers to remain profitable?
Rasool Mohammad, Chief Operating Officer, Select Sands
3:30PM Networking break
4:00PM M&A: blessing or curse?
  • Which companies have the highest rate of investment and returns?
  • How would you quantify market opportunities through market sizing and market forecasting?
  • Why is mining technology development a vastly underinvested area? What are some sources of alternative finance are available?
  • How are M&A's affecting companies with investors?
4:30PM Completion trends
  • Number of stages, lateral lengths, drilling times and costs, what are the current DJ and industry metrics?
  • Does lower quality sand lead to lower EURs?
  • Should we expect more use of curable resin coated tails as we continue to use lower quality regional sand?
  • Have we passed peak sand intensity, what are we measuring anyway?
Samir Nangia, Director, Energy Consulting, IHS Markit
5:00PM Close of day one

Day 2: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Session III: Innovation and last mile solutions

9:30AM Rethinking logistics: last mile solutions
  • Assessing opportunities for digitized supply chain management, truck management and dispatch real-time data providing and cost implications.
  • 'Sand boxes', peak load distribution on the roads and storage in field, why is it gaining market traction?
  • Trucking inflation and insufficient driver numbers- are the lack of drivers the ultimate limits to growth?
  • What impact are electronic logging devices (ELD) having on trucking capacity?
Taylor Robinson, President, PLG Consulting
10:30AM Innovation and technology spotlight: Rotary Dryers vs. Fluidized Bed Dryers
  • Do innovation and new technology have a significant contribution to make in sustaining the latest effectiveness in mining and production?
11:00AM Networking coffee break
11:30AM Technological developments and fracking approaches in different basins.
  • Can technology help areas outside the Permian remain competitive?
  • What role will data analytics play in streamlining the supply chain? Can data analytics be successfully carried out without investing a great deal of money into new technology?

Session IV: Legal and investment insights

12:00PM Implications of legislation & regulation
  • What are the market factors driving M&A transactions in 2017-2018? Will the energy sector see any dramatic changes?
  • How will capacity and buying power be impacted by these changes?
Bob Comer, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
12:30PM Networking lunch and close of conference

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