5th Annual International and Bilingual Schools China

5th Annual International and Bilingual Schools China


中国のインターナショナルスクール市場は、同国の学生にも入学を認めるという新たな政策が導入されたことで急成長を遂げつつあります。ISC Researchによると、英語で授業が行われるインターナショナルスクールやバイリンガルスクールの年間の授業料収入は、2019年の時点で69億ドルに達しており、学校の数も、過去5年間で629校から857校に増えたといいます。

インターナショナルスクールに在籍する学生の数は、北京や上海だけではなく、他の大都市でも増えており、深圳、広州、成都など中国各地の都市に新たな学校が設立されています。上海から広州に会場を移して開催されるIBC Asia主催の第5回International and Bilingual Schools China 2019では、新たな学校の設立が進む地域の状況が明らかにされるほか、中国全体のビジネスチャンスについての分析も示されます。


“Very good event with great speakers on a range of topical issues. I’ll definitely recommend the event.”
– Emmanuel N Barihalomen, Associate Principal of Teaching & Learning, Head of IB DP, ULink College of Shanghai, China

“Very much enjoyed the content, networking and organisation of the event”
– Anthony Millward, Foreign Principal, Zibo Topworth International Education Exchange Limited Company

“Yes, would recommend attending, would attend myself”
– Douglas K. Prescott, Head of schools/Superintendent, Canadian International School of Beijing

主なトピック :

  • 私学教育に関する中国政府の計画、政策、規制
  • 新たな規制の詳しい内容の解説
  • 市場の人口動態、および学生数の増加を促している各種の要因
  • 深圳、広州、成都、福州、杭州、香港、上海、北京など主要な地域における新たな投資の動向
  • 中国におけるブランド認知度向上とマーケティングのための戦略
  • 入学者数を増やすための戦略的な価格設定
  • バイリンガルスクール市場への参入を成功させるための方策
  • 新たな世代の教育施設の投資収益−有効な投資とそうでない投資
  • 中国市場に対する参入戦略のケーススタディ
  • 教員の採用−費用、維持、人材配置
  • 成長、ガバナンス、持続可能な発展に関するオピニオンリーダーのパネルディスカッション

Featuring Representatives from Top Schools:



8:00 am


9:00 am



  • Latest data on the number of schools, students, staff and market value
  • Trends, growth areas, developments of the international schools’ market with a focus on Asia
  • How are countries in Asia showcasing overseas investment opportunities?
  • New schools’ entry into China the market and the impact of the new regulations
  • Chinese private international schools, and their market outlook

9:30 am

  • Facilities and Learning spaces, teachers’ recruitment, training
  • Bridging the cultures and maintaining momentum
  • Measuring success

10:00 am

  • Expansion, expansion and expansion for learning without boarders
  • Investing in innovation and greater learning outcomes for Chinese students
  • New project update in Hong Kong, and operation in Qingdao and Chengdu

10:30 am


11:00 am

  • Schools, Students and Staffing: What the trends are showing and how we can respond?
  • Curriculum and the Community: How do community resources impact on curriculum?
  • Facilities and Futures: What will the next generation of schools provide for families?

11:30 am

  • The story of 160 years old American school setting up in China
  • Where do we see partnership and expansion opportunity?
  • Location, market and investment assessment
  • Experience as an investor and new school establishment


12:00 pm

  • Importance of bilingual context for international schools to be commercially successful
  • What makes a great bilingual educational program in China?
  • Bilingual teachers’ recruitment and training - opportunities and challenges
  • Creating an integrated team of local and foreign teachers

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

  • Understanding the primary challenges for, and what approaches can be taken to resolve such challenges
  • District Government’s requirements under compulsory education vs. Western Education Management
  • Under the contextual and cultural differences between the East and West - where do we want to meet?
  • Successful operating model – Differences in management style between Western and Chinese leadership

2:00 pm

  • Establish the need for relevant research for international and bilingual education
  • Explore relevance for the China market
  • Introduce research currently ongoing within Wellington College China and its impact to-date

3:00 pm


3:30 pm

  • Key principles in effective student assessment to support teaching and learning
  • Complexities of establishing effective measures for schools in China and how Wellington College Group have addressed this challenge

4:00 pm

  • What has tobe understood when taking on this responsibility
  • The implications for training foreign and Chinese staff
  • Some of the strategies that will help the students to transition
  • Recognisingthat this requires building cultural bridges


4:30 pm

  • Meeting requirements for the Chinese National Curriculum in Grades 1-9
  • Developing and adopting approved teaching and learning resources
  • Abiding by safety regulations
  • Hiring and maintaining foreign and local faculty
  • Home office expectations and local school operations

5:00 pm


Jimmy Pun, Chief Executive Officer, Kaiyuan Education, China


5:30 pm

Partnerships, setting up schools, local authority approvals, marketing, and how can you ultimately succeed in down south!

How education technologies are changing the learning and teaching landscape, and how Head of Schools need to be considering tech investments and tech-based design thinking.

Exploring ideas for curriculum support to prepare students for their studies overseas so that their educational experiences in your international schools can have longer lasting impacts.

Debate the role of branding, positioning and marketing in an intensely competitive market, where USPs will rule.

6:30 pm


9:15 am


9:20 am

  • Applying marketing frameworks to international and bilingual schools
  • Using a service-focused mentality to co-create value with parents and build a community of advocates
  • How data on factors affecting parent satisfaction can be used to improve performance
  • The implications of cultural differences on international and bilingual school parent satisfaction

10:30 am


11:10 am


  • Seasons for recruitment - costs and methods
  • Safeguarding considerations during recruitment
  • Relationship building prior to onboarding
  • Lessons learned regarding retention in China

11:40 am


Ash Pugh, CEO and Co-Founder, Skoolspot, Canada

Helen Zhang, Co-Founder and CEO, Career China, China

12:10 pm


Andrew Torris, Head of School, Avenues: The World School, China

12:40 pm


1:40 pm

  • Teaching as a two ways process - why does it matter who will teach my child?
  • Using technology and supporting the social-emotional development of youngsters
  • Relationships and Awareness as the key factors to positive results of holistic education
  • Support of the students with variety of abilities - the skills taken away is what matters
  • Retention of best qualified teachers - success vs. fulfilment

2:10 pm

  • What is Middle Leadership and why is it integral to effective schools?
  • Empowerment for instructional and adaptive leadership
  • Delegation
  • Conflict management
  • Motivation and stress management

2:40 pm



Kaustubh Bodhankar, Deputy CEO, Global Schools Foundation, Singapore

3:10 pm


3:40 pm


Brian Taylor, Assistant Principal, Campus Curriculum Technology Integration, Bangkok Patana School, Thailand

4:10 pm

  • 2030 skills – are we preparing our students?
  • Future skills vs current education
  • What does your community, school, classroom, teaching look like currently?
  • How can we prepare our students based on your community needs - Design thinking, leveraging tech, maker movement, PBL

4:40 pm


* 不測の事態により、事前の予告なしにプログラムが変更される場合があります。




会議出展/スポンサー募集 >>


When: 2019年11月20日 6:30pm
Where: Hilton Guangzhou Science City Lobby, Level 1, SENSE Restaurant
Cost: CNY 350/ USD 50 net (inclusive of buffet dinner and free flow wine/beer/ soft drinks)

  • Registration is not limited to conference participants and we encourage all who are in the International Schools Industry to attend.



Richard Gaskell

Schools Director, ISC Research, Thailand

Rodney Harris

Founding Headmaster, Chengdu Westminster School, China

Jacqueline So

Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Malvern College International (Asia Pacific), Hong Kong

Greg Smith

Head of School, Shenzhen Shekou International School, China

Nick Stoneman

President, Shattuck St Mary’s, United States

Elizabeth Walker Sobhani

Managing Director, The Family Learning House - Beijing, China

Dr. Catherine Chu

Executive Director, Mission Hills Group, Co-Founder, Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, China

Dr. Ahmed Hussain

Senior Director of Academics, Wellington College, China

Dragana Popovic

Head of Senior School, Mathematics Teacher, Wellington College, China

David Shinkfield

Headmaster, Harrow International School Beijing, China

Emmanuel N Barthalomew

Associate Principal of Teaching and Learning & Head of IB DP, Ulink College of Shanghai, China

Bernard Fawcett

International Consultant, GL Education, United Kingdom

Richard Mast

Headmaster and Curriculum Director, Chenshan School, Anhui

Joseph Strzempka

Expert Advisor, School Inspector, and Foreign Vice Principal for Internationalization and Reform, Nanshan Bureau of Education, China

Richard Kuder

Head of Middle and Lower School, Whittle School and Studios, Shenzhen Campus, China

Jimmy Pun

Chief Executive Officer, Kaiyuan Education, China

Carrie Leung

Director of Maker Ed, Shenzhen American International School, China

Dr. Heng Tang Tang

Assistant Professor, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Piers Matthews

Director of Admissions and Marketing, Wellington College Hangzhou, China

Kaustubh Bodhankar

Deputy CEO, Global Schools Foundation, Singapore

Dawid Bochen

Head of School, Beijing BISS International School, China

Andrew Pender

Practice Director, PMDL, Australia

John Mortensen

Executive Director of Education Services, JLL, Greater China

Ash Pugh

CEO and Co-Founder, Skoolspot, Canada

Helen Zhang

Co-Founder and CEO, Career China, China

Andrew Torris

Head of School, Avenues: The World School, China

Dr. Richard Brodniansky

Teacher Trainer, China

Brian Taylor

Assistant Principal, Campus Curriculum Technology Integration, Bangkok Patana School, Thailand



TEL: +86-20-88800999 FAX: +86-20-32109818

28 Ningcai Road I Central District Science City Guangzhou 510663 I China

Contact Person:-
Yoyo You
Sales Manager
t: +86 20 8880 0999-8088 f: +86 20 3210 9818


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Supporting Associations

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is an association representing over 500 organisations, comprising of our member schools and supporting members from around the world. COBIS supports its member schools in 79 countries by promoting a high-quality of assurance through the Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance, which was launched in 2017. It also promotes professional development for senior leaders, governors, teachers and support staff within the COBIS network by hosting a range of networking events and the Annual Conference in London in May. COBIS also puts safeguarding at the core of its values, processing prohibition order checks to ensure child protection and safer recruitment of staff.


Education Destination Asia was launched in 2019 to help parents find a suitable international school in Asia for their children. The Browsealoud tool on the website allows visitors to translate the website into over 100 languages!

Parents can create their own profile on the website and upload their child’s details, which can be sent directly to the school for application purposes. They can also send enquiries to schools, use the powerful School Finder and School Comparison tools, and read informative articles on international schools.

This new website currently lists schools from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and the United Arab Emirates.

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ISC Research (ISC) has been the leading provider of data and market intelligence on the world’s K-12 English-medium international schools market since 1994. Most of its data is sourced directly by ISC’s researchers, including field-based research consultants based in all key regions of the world who visit many international schools each year to meet directly with senior leaders to collect primary source intelligence and data. ISC offers a range of market reports, research partnerships and services to meet the needs of schools, higher education institutions, school suppliers, investors, developers and professionals involved with international education. These include market intelligence reports for key countries, benchmarking reports, statistical reports, and an online data licence providing real time market information, school data, contact options and search facilities.

ISC data and market intelligence is frequently referenced by the global media and is used by the leading international school associations and educational organisations: www.iscresearch.com

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Through our B2B platform of over 20,000 professionals in China and across the world, CHE is a one-stop information and service provider for China-related education needs.

Our clients, readers and subscribers come from 50+ countries and represent over 6,000 higher education institutions, government agencies and education service providers.

We offer a broad range of consultancy and implement services to further international institutions’ engagement with the education industry in China. This includes marketing and recruiting, due diligence and feasibility studies, Joint programs establishments and other ongoing and ad hoc support.