Bridge to Pop Health (East)
-集団健康管理移行学会 - 東部大会-
開催地:米国マサチューセッツ州ボストン、Seaport World Trade Center






Bio-IT WorldやMedical Informatics Worldを主催するCambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) は、第6回Bridge to Pop Healthを米国マサチューセッツ州ボストンで開催します。医療サービスのプロバイダー、保険者、医療分野の金融機関、調査会社、技術コミュニティなどのオピニオンリーダーが顔を揃え、2日間にわたって行われるこの学会では、リスクに基づく契約の運用実績、臨床ワークフローへの予測モデルの統合、価値に基づく医療が定着した状況での臨床ケア提供の新機軸、診療ごとの個別支払いと価値に基づく医療の間の移行部分における集団健康管理戦略の導入といったトピックをめぐって議論が展開されます。今度の学会は、2つの分科会と共通セッションで構成され、双方向の議論の場となるグループ討論、ケーススタディの発表、パネルディスカッション、交流イベントなどが予定されています。

Cambridge Healthtech Institute主催の学会に参加された方々の声

"... the only venue committed to not only bringing together leaders from across healthcare - providers, payers, regulators, researchers - but having space for dialogue, challenging participants to lead from where they are. We all have opportunities to help evolve our industry from where we are. This is a rare place that enables change."
- Vice President, Enterprise Intelligence, Catholic Health Initiatives

"The conference was better than ever. I am so amazed at the speed with which conversations are 'shifting forward'...kudos for creating a great space for people to learn, share and move forward!"
- Professor, Executive in Residence, Analytics, Denver University

"It was very well organized and the presentations were all high quality and thorough. I enjoyed the informal sessions as well as the formal and took many new ideas and valuable contacts back with me."
- Sr. Data Analyst, Joint Technology Team, Central Health

"There are many conference venues out there, but precious few where you can be part of the conversation about where the American health care system is going. The agenda offers a rich mix of presentations, panels, small group roundtables, and coffee chats that enable discussion among leaders and rising stars from health care, biotech, and pharma that touch on virtually all aspects of health care delivery and policy, informatics, and evolving technologies."
- Chief Medical Officer, Eastern Connecticut Health Network