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Understanding the Software Defined Wave.

Thursday 12 April 2018 Conference Day Two Track 2

  • Registration and welcome coffee from 07.30
  • Start of the Conference 08.30
  • Exhibition open from 08.00 to 19.00
  • Seated Lunch: 12.30
  • End of Conference: 17.30

Morning Chairman
Azhar Sayeed,
Chief Architect - SDN and NFV, Red Hat
Combining Open Source and Open Standards
Learning more about the IETF Hackathons and MEF LSO Hackathons and how open standards and open source are brought together to the benefit of both communities. Open source community gains users, address a larger set of use cases, and gain stability of standards that can help avoid potentially harmful forking. Standards orgs benefit from the speed and collaborative spirit characteristic of open source.

Charles Eckel,
Open Source Developer Evangelist, Cisco

Charles is a developer evangelist in Cisco DevNet with a passion for open source and open standards.   His began his journey with open source in 1999 as a founding member of Vovida Networks, where he developed some of the industry's first open source Voice over IP (VoIP) protocol stacks and applications.   Now at Cisco, Charles is a recognized champion of open standards, open source, and interoperability. He runs the Open Source Dev Center, which focuses on Cisco's major open source contributions, use, and community engagements, including OpenStack, OpenDaylight, and OPNFV.   In 2015, he successfully introduced open source hackathons into IETF and MEF, revolutionizing the way these SDOs operate and uniting open source software with open standards to maximize the pace and relevance of both.

From Containers to Telco Grade Containers
An update on the work BT is undertaking in the Containers for NFV, and the enhancements BT believes and is undertaking in order to get containers to be truly 'Telco-Grade'.

Adam Broadbent,
NFV Research Team, BT
VMs or Containers - What is the right answer for NFV?
Diving deeper into the architecture of NFV for vCPE or vEPC with containers. Discussing the usage of containers in the NFV world on topics such as CPU pinning, NUMA alignment, Multus (Multiple Interfaces) and CNIs for containers. Describing Kubernetes based enhancements for NFV operations.

Azhar Sayeed,
Chief Architect - SDN and NFV, Red Hat
Have Containers Won the Battle? Comparing Docker-Based VNFs with Real VMs in CPE Deployment
Providing an insight into both the advantages and drawbacks of both Docker-based VNFs and the use of real virtual machines for universal CPEs deploying VNFs. These unique challenges are investigated in the context of those adopting a hybrid, 'thick-branch' CPE approach with limited resources, and who plan to host only a few VNFs.

Antoine Clerget, CTO, OneAccess Networks

Antoine Clerget, as OneAccess' CTO, is responsible for driving the vision for technological innovation and OneAccess technology roadmap.  Antoine is a Telecom and technology expert and thanks to his deep understanding and expertise in the software world, he is leading OneAccess' technological strategy into service and product virtualization.   Prior to his role as CTO, Antoine was OneAccess' VP of R&D. He joined OneAccess following the acquisition of UDcast in 2011, where he was one of the founders, CEO and CTO. UDcast's solutions were focused on WAN Optimization over satellite and Mobile TV (DVB-H) networks. Antoine holds a phD in computer science and telecommunication, as well as engineering degrees from Telecom ParisTech and Ecole Polytechnique.

Coffee Break / Exhibition / Interop Event
Dynamic Cloud Data Center VPN: Intelligent Integration of SD-WAN with MPLS VPN
Presenting a compelling use cases for SD-WAN. Detailing the hidden issues in deploying SD-WAN, and introducing the technologies that can intelligently integrate SD-WAN with MPLS VPN to achieve optimal performance & flexibility that neither SD-WAN nor MPLS alone can achieve.
Covering the standards specification that govern the policies for dynamic workload in Cloud Data Center.

Authors: Andy Malis & Linda Dunbar, Huawei

Linda Dunbar,
Technical Director, Advanced Technology, Fixed Network, Huawei

- Co-chair of IETF I2NSF (Interface to Network Security Functions) WG. I2NSF WG is to standardize interface for clients to dynamically specify/monitor/verify their security policies, providing a tool to achieve Software Defined Security Services.   - Lead network technology and architecture development for dynamic cloud VPN solution that intelligently integrates SD-WAN with MPLS based VPN so that enterprises can use their existing MPLS based VPN to connect to dynamic workloads instantiated in various cloud data centers reliably and securely.   - Lead Network Security initiative for securing workloads hosted in cloud data centers  - Secretary to ONUG SD-WAN Exchange Working Group  - Member of Technical Advisory Committee for NIA (New IP Agency) which focuses on interoperability testing of NFV & SDN.   Active Contributing to: ONUG (SD-WAN Exchange WG & Software Defined Security Services WG), IETF Routing, Internet, Transport Area, and OpArea. IETF OpArea Directorate, IETF Gen-Art Area Directorate.

Colt: L3 VPN Evolution towards Hybrid MPLS/SD-WAN
Sharing Colt's experiences in transitioning from traditional MPLS L3 VPNs towards a new hybrid environment where MPLS and SD WAN will be combined to offer L3 VPN services to customers. Covering the transition towards what we call next generation MPLS (Segment Routing and EVPN) as well as the "on demand" SD WAN enabled L3 VPN propositions, including NFV value-added services.

Valery Augais,
Senior Network Architect, Colt

Valery Augais is a senior network architect in Colt's Network On-Demand Architecture & Design team. He joined Colt's engineering department in 1998 as an access and metro technologies specialist.  In the 2010's he has been actively involved in: the design and roll-out of next-generation packet-based Carrier Ethernet networks and services; the modular integration of the optical, Ethernet and IP layers with the aim of simplifying the transport and service architectures; the evolution of the access network for a smarter mobile backhaul offering; the assessment and development of FTTx technologies and architectures for Colt. Since more recently his current research focus is on optical SDN services, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and NFV infrastructure.   Valery holds two M.Sc. degrees in Telecommunications and Computing from Telecom ParisTech and UPMC University, France.

Taking SD-WAN Mainstream
SD-WAN is gaining momentum with a number of early deployments, but the ability to launch, scale and create a positive business case is still stalling many service providers. Highlighting how to overcome the obstacles preventing SD-WAN from reaching mainstream.

Aloke Tusnial,
CTO SDN/NFV Business, Netcracker

Aloke Tusnial is CTO SDN/NFV Business Unit at Netcracker where he is responsible for leading the sales strategy and customer engagement, for the software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) initiatives of the company.   Prior to this role, he held a variety of presales, architecture, strategy and account management positions serving several customers in North America focused on real time B/OSS for Video and Internet of Things, the drivers for SDN and NFV.

Much is being discussed about Blockchain and its applications in multiple Industries. Evaluating, as Blockchain develops, what the impact will be on our Networking Industry, and more precisely, on how networks will be designed in the future.

Javier Antich Romaguera, Product Line Manager, Juniper Networks

Javier Antich is an experienced Networking Industry professional with 20 years of experience. He has spent the last 12 years at Juniper Networks on different systems engineering and architect positions.  Currently he is Product Line Manager in the JUNOS team at Juniper Development and Innovation (JDI), focused on Automation, Programmability, Telemetry & Analytics.   Previous to that, he experienced the raise on the Carrier Ethernet market at Riverstone Networks. He is passionate about networking technologies, economy and Ironman triathlons.   He holds a Masters Degree on Telecommunications by the ETSIT at the Polytechnic University in Valencia, and Executive MBA at the Instituto de Empresa Business School.

11.50 PANEL
Blockchain Technology Trends and Implications
General market trends
Implications to networking
Evolution of dApps (Distributed Applications) and Platform Protocols
New core blockchains
Basic trends and proposals in Internet Architecture
Azhar Sayeed,
Chief Architect - SDN and NFV, Red Hat

Seated Lunch
Afternoon Chairman
Amir Zmora,
CEO SwitchRTC & Blogger The NewDialtone

Amir Zmora is CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution. Amir has been working for more than 15 years in the telecommunications industry with strong focus on VoIP and WebRTC.   For the last several years Amir is consulting companies in the fields of WebRTC and SD-WAN. Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company, where he led the BU turnaround from low level SDKs to client solutions and complimentary products.   Amir is the author of TheNewDialTone and co-founder of WebRTCStandards.info and WebRTCIndex.

Securing Multi-Cloud Applications
As enterprises move to the cloud, they are concerned about the security of the connections between and among data centers. The concern is justified, as shown by frequent and alarming security breaches. Discussing some of the ways to secure connectivity at layers 1-3, the tradeoffs, and the new opportunities created by software-centric approaches.

Prayson Pate,
Chief Technical Officer, Ensemble, Adva Optical Networking

Prayson Pate is ADVA Optical Networking's chief technology officer for Ensemble and an evangelist for network functions virtualization (NFV). He speaks at industry events and writes posts and articles to inform, educate and entertain, mostly about NFV with plenty of innovation for good measure. These include The Real CTOs of NFV series.   Prayson received a master's degree in electrical and computer engineering from North Carolina State University and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Duke University. Prayson has contributed to standards bodies such as the MEF and IETF. He is a named inventor on nine patents.

Network Security on Multi-Cloud Environments
Showing how some common uses of SDN multi-cloud solutions and how their security requirements can be addressed. Considering deployment strategies for SDN security in brownfield scenarios.

Margarida Correia, Lead Architect, Juniper Networks

Margarida Correia is an Architect at Juniper Networks. She is currently working within the Financial Services Architecture team devising Cloud Security solutions.   Prior to this role Margarida was in Juniper Professional Services where she led design and build of many innovative global and in-country MPLS networks used for a variety of services such as Broadcast Video, Mobile Services and Financial Trading. She has deep experience in large-scale MPLS, VPNs, Traffic Engineering, Multicast and CoS.   Prior to Juniper Margarida was in the Futures Networks Labs of BT's Research Department working on Multicast, MPLS and VoIP. She received a 1st Degree in Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal, an MSc in Telecommunication Systems from University of Essex, UK and holds Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert (JNCIE) certification number 39.

Advanced Network Security Services for SDWAN Solutions
Describing different schemes to deliver Advanced Network Security Services for SD-WAN Solutions, including Software-Defined Security.

Hector Avalos, VP Sales & Business Development EMEA, Versa Networks

Hector Avalos has over 25 years of experience in the computing, networking and telecommunications industries. He currently holds the position of VP EMEA Sales and Business Development at Versa Networks. His current activities are focused on "virtual CPE", "Software-Defined WAN" and "Software-Defined Security" solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises.   Prior to Versa, Hector worked 4 years at Ericsson as "Head of technology, architectures, solutions and strategy", and 9 years at Juniper Networks as "Technical Director".   Hector possesses a BSc. in Computing Science from 'UDLA' Mexico.

Application-Driven SD-WANs
How to combine SD-WAN, routing, SaaS optimization, WAN optimization and branch firewall capabilities in a single, fully integrated "thin branch" solution.

Speaker from
Silver Peak

SD-WAN PANEL The offering from vendors
The expectations from enterprises and service providers
The need for a wider scope of features in terms of security and scalability
Amir Zmora,
CEO SwitchRTC & Blogger The NewDialtone

Amir Zmora is CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution. Amir has been working for more than 15 years in the telecommunications industry with strong focus on VoIP and WebRTC.   For the last several years Amir is consulting companies in the fields of WebRTC and SD-WAN. Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company, where he led the BU turnaround from low level SDKs to client solutions and complimentary products.   Amir is the author of TheNewDialTone and co-founder of WebRTCStandards.info and WebRTCIndex.

Participants from

Versa Networks
Silver Peak

Virgin Media
Coffee Break / Exhibition / Interop Event

Multi Domain Orchestration Layer
Inter and intra domain orchestration (e.g. differences, tasks).

Nicolai Leymann, Senior Network Architect, Deutsche Telekom
Carriers Path to Managed SD-WAN Services Evolution with Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Management and Orchestration
Describing the key learnings of carrier case studies of Managed SD-WAN orchestration, with focus on the following main domains: A managed SD-WAN service order entry process, implications of service order on SD-WAN underlaid network connections, with considerations of such process based target market segment of carrier managed SD-WAN service offer.

Niloufar Tayebi, Director, Global Consulting Enterprise & Cloud Services, Ciena

Niloufar Tayebi is Director, Global Consulting Enterprise and Cloud Services, at Ciena. She specializes in managed services and is adept in services strategies, enterprise and wholesale market analysis and business case modeling.   Niloufar has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications starting her career as a network architecture, has held leading roles in 4G wireless networking and carrier core product marketing and planning.   In her role in Ciena she is responsible as a global consultant for helping service providers to create new services and drive new business models leveraging Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) with Ciena's Blue Planet network virtualization, orchestration, and management software.   Niloufar holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Ottawa, Canada. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

SPs Need to "Go (Cloud) Native" to Revolutionize Telecom Services Management & Orchestration
Telecom service providers are looking to cloud architectures to boost service agility. But simple architectural cuts & pastes won't do - changes and extensions are needed to data center cloud architectures to accommodate SP-specific service and network needs. Done right the payoff can be huge, revolutionizing service deployment to end-users. Provisioning can be reduced to seconds with service durations that may only be for minutes or hours. We review what is needed, and show an approach - with examples - that revolutionizes how telecom services can be created and delivered.

Jonathan Homa, Senior Director Portfolio Marketing, ECI Telecom

Jonathan is responsible for making ECI's elastic network solutions thought-provoking to ECI's customers and the industry at large. Previously Jonathan was Vice President Architecture Marketing at Nortel Networks, and Vice President Business Development at Xtellus, an optical swtching startup.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions and the Multiservice Switching Forum. Jonathan has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from McGill University.

End of Conference Day Two - Track 2

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