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カンファレンス1日目/2016年5月19日 (木)

08.00   登録手続き

Dave Burstein, Editor,
Fast Net News
08.30 基調講演
09.00 オープニングセッション
09.00   BTでの技術開発と試験運用で得られた教訓
  • Describing the technical developments around and the driving of changes to the standard
  • Detailing results from trials in Huntingdon, Swansea and Gosforth
  • Discussing technical learnings
  • Q&A session

Trevor Linney
Head of Access Network Research

Peter Bell
Director of Network Portfolio
10.00   休憩
10.30 導入レポートセッション
10.30   Swisscom:最新の状況、進捗状況、課題
    Overview of Swisscom's UBB strategy towards and explanation of the deployment scenarios and the network architecture. Highlighting the challenges of deploying in the live network and handling of CPE's. First lab experiences and approach for cable modelling.

Oliver Lamparter, Swiscom
11.00   Proximusの導入レポート
    Nicolas Parmentier, Domain Manager, Proximus
11.30 パネルディスカッション
11.30   実際の成果と現場で得られた教訓
Dave Burstein,
Fast Net News

Trevor Linney, Head of Access Network Research, BT
Oliver Lamparter, Swiscom
Nicolas Parmentier, Domain Manager, Proximus
Hubert Mariotte, xDSL Technology Expert, Orange
Paul Spruyt, xDSL Strategist, Nokia
Rami Verbin, CTO, Sckipio
Debu Pal, Qualcomm
12.30   昼食
14.00 運用面の課題に関するセッション
14.00   G.fast導入の現状
    Examining data from trials, exploring the operational challenges of and solutions for taking from the lab to the field, and discussing the potential future evolutions of the standard.

• Deployment challenges
• Troubleshooting
• Speeds, feeds and connection lengths
• Managing and monitoring performance
• Potential evolution and improvements for the standard

Paul Spruyt, xDSL Strategist, Nokia
14.30   G.fastの限界を押し上げ、能力を最大限引き出すための取り組み
    Covering both high rates and long reach. How far can be pushed? Explaining recent insights in the real-world capabilities of to solve a broad range of service provider challenges.

Rami Verbin, CTO, Sckipio
15.00   通信事業者の設置費用を最小限に抑えるうえでの課題と有望なソリューション
    Discussing the challenges faced during carrier deployments and possible solutions for subscriber self-install in order to facilitate successful deployment of service.

Debu Pal, Qualcomm
15.30   SDNベースのアーキテクチャを利用したG.fastの有望な収益事業
    Explaining how an open, programmable and scalable architecture based on SDN, and open interfaces and deployment models, delivers the optimum conditions for getting to profitably, sustainably and non-disruptively. Setting out the economics of what, how and why one can keep the good and throw away the bad from the existing network.

16.00   休憩
16.30   同軸ケーブルを利用したG.fast導入の利点と選択肢
    Describing the reasons to deploy over COAX, the gains that can be achieved by using COAX, and where it makes sense to deploy over COAX. Illustrating with the case study of an actual field trial of over COAX including a brief description of the trial site, performance data, and lessons learned from the installation.

William Bittancourt,
Senior Product Line Manager, Calix Networks
17.00   ASSIAのExperience Delivery Networkでのエンドツーエンド管理
    It's no longer sufficient for operators to limit their broadband service management to the access network - they must have an end-to-end (central office to the end-user's in-home devices) solution that facilitates automatic/dynamic service management, call center diagnostics and remote repair, and efficient deployment of field service technicians when required. Presenting the vision and the capabilities of an end-to-end service management platform for the Experience Delivery Network.

Barry Gray, Senior Vice President of Service Provider Marketing, ASSIA
17.30   ユースケースと技術面の課題

Thierry Valette
CTO Access Network, Western Europe
18.00   カンファレンス1日目終了
19.00   レセプション

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