Pre-conference day: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

5:00PM Registration desk opens followed by drinks reception

Day 1: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

8:45AM Environmental regulation and the resulting restrictions on capacity utilisation
  • What are the latest political decrees regarding Chinese steelmaking?
  • China is closing much steelmaking capacity yet retains steady production levels - what does this mean for raw materials such as iron ore?
  • What place is there for privately owned capacity? Or are the SOEs the only steel mills that matter now?
Li Xinchuang, President, China Metallurgical Industry Planning & Research Institute
9:30AM Challenges and opportunities in the process of iron ore circulation in the future

Xiao Peng, Chief Engineer, Metallurgical Corporation of China

10:00AM Steel margins in China; state owned enterprises and their financial health
  • Overview of Chinese steel mills' profitability in the wake of stronger steel prices across the product spectrum
  • How long can this momentum last? Is it letting up already?
  • Has this deferred the PRC on the necessity to assist the debt-laden companies of the basic industries?
Yuchun Zheng, Vice President, China Steel Industry Development Research Institute
10:30AM Networking coffee break
11:15AM Progress update from Roy Hill
Peter Taylor, Director, Sales, Marketing And Customer Relationships, Roy Hill
11:45AM Low grade iron ore - what place does it have in the market?
  • Will low-grade iron ore always have a place in the market?
  • Is there inevitable consolidation on the horizon for low-grade producers?
  • Will those miners with superior economies of scale and low cash costs be the only ones that survive?
  • Are environmental regulations in China a threat to production and sales volumes?
Antony Priddy, Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing, Fortescue Metals Group
12:15PM A significant re-entrant to the market: Indian iron ore mining
  • Outlining the recent regulatory measures surrounding iron ore mining and steelmaking
  • Updated production statistics regarding the various iron-bearing saleable products
  • What kind of margins does the current price environment spell out for Indian iron ore miners?
Arpan Gupta, Deputy Director & Head, Mines & Metals, FICCI
12:45PM Networking break
2:15PM Panel discussion: Critical questions on domestic Chinese iron ore mining
  • Outline of the major issues now faced by domestic mines; location, depletion and grade
  • How much of the demand will domestic mines be able to supply to Chinese mills?
  • Outline of the more recent supply side developments within Chinese borders
  • Progression of Chinese mine cash costs and their level of competitiveness on the cost curve
Guocheng Pan, CEO, China Hanking Holdings Ltd.
Bonnie Liu, Chief Executive Officer, GF Futures (Hong Kong)
Zuwei Li, General Manager, Fujian Sansteel International Trade Co.,Ltd.
3:15PM Ore pricing and premiums; pellet, lump and low-grade vs high-grade
  • Overview of premium and discount spreads in the last twelve months
  • What industry fundamentals drive the size of the margin between various iron ore grades and impurity levels?
  • How have movements in the prices of other steelmaking raw materials played into this dynamic?
Peter Hannah, Senior Analyst, Metal Bulletin Index
3:45PM Networking coffee break
4:15PM A new owner for the longest established iron ore mines in Australia
  • New ownership and Liberty's green steel concept
  • Changes in the market for lower grade ore
  • Product developments to meet the market
Matthew Reed, Executive General Manager - Mining, SIMEC Mining
4:45PM Update on critical issues in the Iranian iron ore value chain
Keyvan Jafari Tehrani, CEO, Jame Tejarat Company
5:15PM End of day one with networking drinks reception

Day 2: Thursday, February 1, 2018

9:00AM Macro and strategic issues in the Chinese steel industry
  • Developments in steelmaking methods; EAF vs BOF
  • Does the power continue to rest with the SOEs? Are private mills being marginalised?
  • Where is the majority of incumbent production? How are regulations and shutdowns impacting this trend?
Frank Zhong, Chief Representative, Beijing Branch, World Steel Association
9:30AM China, the driver of change in global raw material supply
Peng Xiao, Chief Engineer, Metallurgical Corporation of China Co., Ltd.
Geng Zuo, Manager, MinMetals Economic Research Institute
10:00AM Networking coffee break
10:30AM Dalian Commodity Exchange and Fe futures
  • To what extent are the major Asian exchanges tolerant of speculative financial investors in the futures markets?
  • Which exchanges inform pricing power and what evidence supports this?
  • What have been the trends in the term structure over the past 8-10 months?
  • Are apparent industry supply/demand fundamentals still determining the shape of the futures curve?
  • What has changed in the past 12 months with respect to the presence of industry participants and institutional investors vs retail investors active on exchanges?
Yi Chen, Senior Manager, International Cooperation, Dalian Commodity Exchange
11:00AM MinMetals Futures panel discussion: forecasts for iron ore paper and physical markets
12:00PM Chinese macro figures - what are the trends in the macroeconomic landscape and fiscal policy?
  • How effective have the attempts been to control volatility in the equity markets in China?
  • What do the latest headline figures have to say about the state of the Chinese economy and the impact on steel demand?
  • What are the latest updated to Chinese fiscal policy and how this is trickling down to consumer and business spending?
Oliver Ramsbottom, Partner, McKinsey & Company
12:30PM End of conference and networking lunch

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