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Attendee Feedback

It was a meaningful and very informative event, a good opportunity to understand the current global trend of graphene and its application.

Incubation Alliance

This event was a good combination of application-related conference talks and the opportunity for in-depth discussions at the exhibition booths.


The event presented the latest developments in commercial applications of graphene & provided a unique platform to help create the value chains.

Tata Steel

Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2016
- 欧州グラフェンおよび2D材料会議、2016年 -
2016年4月27日 - 2016年4月28日
ドイツ、ベルリン、エストレル ベルリン

Graphene and 2D Materials


Graphene & 2D Materialsは、プリンテッドエレクトロニクス、ウェアラブル技術、電動輸送機器、3D印刷といった相乗効果が期待できる最終用途分野のイベントと同時併催される他に類を見ないイベントです。今回開催される各イベント共通の展示会には、47以上の国々からおよそ2,500人の参加者が集まり、出展者数も170に達することが見込まれます。このように大規模な展示会を中心に関連する各種のカンファレンスを開催するというモデルは、毎回大きな成功を収めており、これは参加者に対する調査の結果からも明らかです。


Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2016への参加をお勧めする理由

  • 商業面の進歩、実用的な応用技術の開発、商業化に役立つ革新的な技術などに焦点を絞り込んだイベントです。
  • 各種最終用途分野に関連する業界の顧客企業と供給企業の間で新たな関係を構築することができます。
  • 供給企業、各種技術を組み合わせた製品の開発に取り組んでいる企業、エンドユーザー企業の代表が一堂に会するイベントであり、バリューチェーンの構築を加速させることができます。
  • プリンテッドエレクトロニクス、ウェアラブル技術、電動輸送機器、3D印刷など、優れた相乗効果が期待できるイベントと同時併催されることになっており、大きな成果が期待できます。
  • アナリストがアジェンダを作成しており、人脈拡大のチャンスも数多く用意されています。




  • プリンテッドエレクトロニクス、フレキシブルエレクトロニクス、大面積エレクトロニクス
  • ウェアラブル技術と電子テキスタイル
  • 導電性インクと透明導電膜
  • 電池とスーパーキャパシターの電極
  • フレキシブル、薄型、大面積のセンサーとアクチュエーター
  • 3D印刷材料
  • 熱界面材料
  • 太陽光発電と照明関連の最新の応用技術




職位別の内訳 - 2015年、ドイツ

バリューチェーンに加わっている組織別の内訳 - 2015年、ドイツ




This event is really focused on real things, real devices and people are focused on concrete business.


It was the most business oriented graphene and nanotechnology conference that we have attended. We have made many contacts and also partners.
Advanced Graphene Products

This was our second experience of exhibiting at Graphene Europe, last year was good but this year was even better with a high number of new, high quality contacts.
Thomas Swan

Cambridge Graphene Platform exhibited at this event and I am so busy following up leads that I don't have time to say all the positive things I wish to say in this quote! This is by far the best commercial event available.
Cambridge Graphene Platform


We are very satisfied with the event, we have been attending the IDTechEx Graphene Show in the US and Europe for several years. It is a very well organized event from the business perspective. At this event you have the opportunity to learn the state of the industry through the presentations and the chance to meet relevant players in the industry at the booth floor. Always interesting to mix graphene with other industries like printed electronics, supercapacitors... many opportunities arises within this format!

The IDTechEx Graphene conferences have been great for NanoXplore! At a single event we are able to meet all players in the value chain from competitors to our customers' customers. Participants from the parallel events - especially printed electronics and wearables - have continually surprised us with opportunities and leads.


The IDTechEx event offers always an interesting mixture of application-near academic researchers, companies working in new markets, and early-adopters of these technologies on the customer's side. For a young high-tech company active in the field of graphene and related materials it is nearly a must to attend.
CNM Technologies

The event presented the latest developments in commercial applications of graphene & provided a unique platform to help create new value chains.
Tata Steel


IDTechEx is a bellwether conference for Grafoid. It not only gives us the pulse of the industry but allows us to establish substantive contacts with significant stakeholders in the industry.

This event was a good combination of application-related conference talks and the opportunity for in-depth discussions at the exhibition booths.
Infineon Technologies


This IDTechEx show has been extremely valuable for Directa Plus. We had the unique chance, together with our partner Vittoria Group, to present one of the first graphene-based commercial product: bicycle wheels and tires.
Directa Plus

I think it is the most informative conference in the field.
Graphene Laboratories

The IDTechEx Graphene conference was the best graphene event I've attended thus far. It was well attended by all of the major players in the field, and the talks were a great mix of technical and market information. The exhibition was also well done, with a great mix of graphene companies and relevant industrial partners/customers in polymer, film, printing, and flexible electronics. Graphene Frontiers will definitely be back next year!
Graphene Frontiers (2013)


Bluestone Global Tech, is a material start-up company launched a mere 5 months prior to this event. As a newcomer, we needed to leverage our lean budget to garner maximized return on investment. In researching our allocation, it quickly became clear that exhibiting here was a top option. From a planning perspective, the IDTechEx team was fantastic to work with: accessible, responsive and resourceful. With their able and genuinely caring guidance, we utilized a complimentary program of exhibition, speaking, product demonstration and advertising. Employing these efforts led to our firm nearly doubling our investment with sales garnered through the show.
Bluestone Global Tech




各社の製品開発戦略は、概ね既存の材料に代わる製品をベースにしたものです。この意味でグラフェンは、より多くのユーザー (あるいはこれまでと同じユーザーベース) により多くの製品を供給するという考え方の枠内にとどまっているといえますが、現在の市場拡大のペースを上回るスピードでコストを引き下げることができれば、これまでと同様の価値を持つ製品をさらに多くのユーザーに提供することが可能になります。



一方グラフェン業界では、多くの供給企業が参入したことで競争が激化しており、有意な差別化が困難になるという状況も生まれています。適合性を見極めるための作業が長期化するなか、企業の多くは売り上げを伸ばすことができずに赤字経営を続けており、生産能力も十分に発揮されていません。現在各社は、 (a) 生産しているグラフェンの形態、一貫性、再現性、 (b) グラフェンの加工しやすさを実証する能力、 (c) 価格を根拠に他社との差別化を図ろうとしています。競争が激化し、既存製品の置き換えをベースにした戦略が続いていることで、販売価格は下がり続けています。