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The IQPC Pharmacovigilance conference in Singapore, which is becoming an annual event is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive information exchange and discussion forum dedicated to pharmacovigilance held in Asia so far! - Head of Pharmacovigilance Asia-Pacific, Bayer Healthcare Global R&D Centre
Had an overall understanding of pharmacovigilance running in Asia, particularly in ASEAN. It is helpful for me to make a plan locally and accelerate a pharmacovigilance strategy locally. - Director of Regulatory Affairs, Nycomed China
The topics discussed in this conference are simple enough for a beginner and complex enough for the experienced. Brilliant! - Senior Safety Officer, GSK
Very valuable conference & excellent sharing of pharmacovigilance experiences and best practices ? Country Safety Head, Pfizer
Very well organised conference! Attendee mix was nice ? including industry and regulators! Well done! - Head, Lifesciences EU & APAC, Cognizant
This conference offers the opportunity for those working in pharmacovigilance to share expertise and learn about best practices and challenge the way they do things. - Pharmacovigilance manager, MSD
Good discussions and good comments from all representatives and speakers! - CPM, EPS International





4th Annual Pharmacovigilance Asia 2013 - 第4回年次学会 ファーマコビジランス・アジア 2013年 -
2013年6月18 - 21日 シンガポール、アマラホテル


 Kelly Teo
Kelly Teo
Regional Pharmacovigilance Lead, Asia Pacific
Dr. Abhay Chimankar
Global Safety Officer
Shinichi Nishiuma
Vice President, Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Senior Medical Advisor, Senior Manager, Surveillance and Epidemiology, Global Dr Efraim Ariesandy Patient Safety
Eli Lilly Japan
 Dr. Ji Ming
Dr. Ji Ming
Senior Medical Director in Clinical Safety Evaluation, Global Pharmacovigilance
 Timothé Menard
Timothé Menard
Safety Area Manager, APAC
Merck Serono

Updates from Regulatory Bodies Including:

  • Dr.Wenmin Du, Executive Director, Shanghai Centre for Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring, SFDA
  • Dr Y K Gupta, National Scientific Coordinator, Pharmacovigilance program of India
  • Dra. A. RetnoTyasUtami, Apt.M. Epid, Deputy Director, Therapeutic Products, Narcotic, Psychotropic and Addictive Substances, BPOM Indonesia
  • Mohamad Khalid Haji Zolkipli, National Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre, Department of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health Brunei Darussalam
  • Senior Representative, Korea FDA

Other Regulatory Bodies Attending:

  • Health Sciences Authority Singapore
  • FDA, Thailand
  • National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau Malaysia
  • Food & Drug Development, Lao PDR
  • National Centre for Drug Information and ADR Reporting, Vietnam



- 世界保健機関(WHO)


第4回Pharmacovigilance Asia Summitでは、リスクマネジメント計画の立案に役立つ助言を聞き、ファーマコビジランスに関するアジア諸国のさまざまな規制が日常業務に及ぼす影響を見極めることができます。製薬会社のファーマコビジランス担当責任者、薬物安全性担当のディレクター、医事問題担当の役員や各国監督機関の幹部が多数集まるファーマコビジランスに焦点を絞り込んだアジアで最高水準のこの学会をどうぞお見逃しなく。

Join Us Now And Benefit By Learning From:

  • 13 industry best practice case studies to empower you with proven successful strategies on risk management planning, ADR reporting and monitoring, regulatory compliance, audit and inspection preparation
  • Best practice case studies on developing effective risk management plans and PSURs pre and post marketing
  • Industry secrets that will help you best prepare for a pharmacovigilance audit and inspection


  • 業界主導のパネルディスカッションでは、世界的安全性要件を満たしながら、国ごとの法規制に準拠するためのファーマコビジランス戦略を運用する上での実践的ヒントを提供します。
  • 中国、インドネシア、インドをはじめ各国の法規制最新動向とともに、アジアの法規制当局代表者との詳細な議論や交流ができる討論会があります。
  • 効果的なリスクマネジメント計画の策定と市販前および市販後PSURに関するベストプラクティスケーススタディがあります。
  • ファーマコビジランス審査および査察に対して最善の準備をするための業界内の秘訣を公表します。
  • 有害事象および有害反応データの回収、査定、評価を促進する方法に関してファーマコビジランス実務担当者から話を聴くことができます。

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