第1日 - 2018年2月1日(木)

8:00AM 受付登録、コーヒー
8:55AM 歓迎の挨拶
Harry Riley-Gould, Senior Conference Producer, Coaltrans Conferences

Session I

9:00AM 新政権下での2017年石炭産業の発展
  • What were the primary developments in the United States' coal industry in 2017?
  • How has the new political environment opened up opportunities for the coal industry?
  • What can be expected for US coal in 2018?
Bob Murray, CEO, Murray Energy
9:30AM 2017年米国の石炭業界における規制環境の改善がもたらした影響
  • What effect did the decision to scrap the Clean Power Plan have on coal-fired power generation in the United States?
  • Developing a new regulatory framework for coal
  • What further steps can be taken to ensure an even playing field in US energy architecture?
  • Understanding the future shape of US coal regulation
10:00AM エネルギーを取巻く状況変化に対応する為の電力会社による石炭発電に対する取り組み
  • Analysing the drivers of coal demand from utilties over 2017/18
  • What is the future for the US coal fleet?
  • Has the new federal regulatory environment impacted the outlook for coal-fired generation by utilities?
  • Identifying the changes to procurement patterns following a period of cheap coal
  • Is the lack of term buying creating the possibility for supply shocks in the future?
  • Should utilities keep coal plants online in anticipation of increased gas prices further down the line?
  • How high are coal stockpiles for US utilities? How might this impact coal demand over the next four quarters?
Virginia Farrow, Portfolio Director - Coal, NRG Energy
Tris Swindle, Principal Buyer, Southern Company Generation
David Owens, Vice President, Coal and Gas Services, Tennessee Valley Authority
10:30AM 質疑応答
10:45AM ネットワーキング、休憩

Session II

11:15AM 国内の燃料炭採掘見通し
  • Identifying appropriate mining strategies to profit from higher prices
  • How quickly can mines ramp up output in response to global demand?
  • Building a more financially healthy coal industry as prices recover
  • Has there been underinvestment in mines over the last five years?
  • How easy is it to recruit new miners after a period of contraction?
  • Taking advantage of thermal coal export opportunities on the seaborne market
Grant Quasha, CEO, Paringa Resources Ltd
Adam Anderson, Vice President Marketing/Sales, Armstrong Coal Company
Colin Marshall, President, CEO & Director, Cloud Peak Energy
Colin Marshall, President, CEO & Director, Cloud Peak Energy
11:45AM 質疑応答
11:55AM 資本増強のために米国の採掘業者が利用可能なビジネスチャンス
  • What lessions can be drawn from coal IPOs in 2017?
  • Availability of capital for equity and debt, and impact for new mines and business development
  • Which foreign investors are looking at US production?
  • What financial products are available for US mining companies to hedge their risk?
Grant Quasha, CEO, Paringa Resources Ltd
Omar Nokta, Head Of US Securities, Clarksons Platou Securities Inc
Randall Atkins, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ramaco, LLC
12:20PM 質疑応答
12:30PM 昼食、ネットワーキング

Session III

2:00PM 今後1年間における原料炭価格の予測
  • Identifying the primary drivers of metallurgical coal supply/demand in 2017 to profit in 2018
  • Where are metcoal prices set to go over the next four quarters?
  • What are the primary trends to look out for in metcoal prices?
Miriam Falk, Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research
2:20PM 原料炭価格高騰が米国の採掘業者にもたらす利益
  • What prices were reached for the 2018-19 annual contract?
  • Identifying foreign markets best suited for US metcoal
  • What opportunities are there for exporting into Europe, India, and East Asia?
  • How is the move to price indexation changing the nature of selling metcoal on the seaborne market?
  • Is the lack of diversity in global metcoal production damaging market efficiency?
  • Developing profitable strategies for hedging in a highly volatile market
Kevin Stanley, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Contura Energy
Jeremy Sussman, Head of US Equity Research, Clarksons Platou Securities Inc
George Dethlefsen, Chief Executive Officer, Corsa Coal
2:50PM 質疑応答
3:00PM 米国および世界の鉄鋼業界による原料炭需要の予測
  • How much demand for metcoal are we likely to see from domestic steel producers over the next year?
  • What levels of coke are likely to be required?
  • What are the challenges facing coke producers in the US?
  • What will global metcoal demand look like? Which geographical areas are best placed to take advantage of US coals?
  • Identifying levels of steel factory utilisation over 2018
  • Where are the downside risks for US and global steel production?
Thorsten Schier, North American steel and ferrous scrap editor, American Metal Market
Mike Hardesty, SVP, Business Development, Sales, Commercial Operations, Terminals & International Coke, SunCoke Energy Inc
Michael Grim, Vice President, Oremco Inc
3:45PM 休憩・ネットワーキング

Session IV

4:15PM 燃料炭の価格予測:2018-19
  • What were the primary drivers of thermal coal demand in 2017?
  • Where are prices headed in 2018?
  • What are the primary downside risks?
Tom Sanzillo, Director of Finance, Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis
4:45PM 世界の石炭貿易における米国の役割についての理解
  • Is the seaborne market the future for US miners?
  • Building stronger pathways for US coal to Eastern Europe and Ukraine
  • Developing mining strategies to position the US as a swing supplier in seaborne
  • What are the dynamics for US and Colombian coal exports?
  • How reliant are US coals on cheap freight rates to open export opportunities?
  • Understanding Chinese coal dynamics and the consequences for the United States
  • Are US coal imports into India coming to an end?
Gustavo Fernandez, Director Coal and Freight, Uniper Global Commodities SE
Matthew Moore, Senior Coal Trader, Vattenfall Energy Trading NV
5:30PM 第1日終了、レセプション

第2日 - 2018年2月2日(金)

8:30AM 受付登録、コーヒー
9:25AM 開会挨拶
Holly Watson-Steward, Head of Sales, Coaltrans Conferences

Session V

9:30AM 鉱山から港湾への石炭輸送網の発展
  • How can rail companies best balance efficiency and flexibility for coal deliveries?
  • What role can barges play in developing the coal transport network?
  • Are coal deliveries likely to grow their market share for rail deliveries?
  • Is there a need for investment in coal freight cars?
  • Potential impacts of a West Coast terminal on exports to Asia
Chuck Arnold, Vice President-Business & Strategic Development, Ingram Barge Company
Virginia Farrow, Portfolio Director - Coal, NRG Energy
10:15AM 米国におけるガス発電 vs 石炭発電の動態
  • Where is the gas price headed over the next four quarters?
  • Impact of new pipelines out of the Marcellus play on gas prices
  • Identifying the future impact of LNG exports on domestic gas prices
  • At what price points can coal and gas compete?
  • Lessons that can be taken from European coal-to-gas switching dynamics
Andy Blumenfeld, Head Of Market Analytics, DTC
David Owens, Vice President, Coal and Gas Services, Tennessee Valley Authority
10:45AM 休憩、ネットワーキング

Session VI

11:30AM クリーンな石炭は米国の石炭業界にとって解決策となるか?
  • What do we mean when we talk about 'clean' coal?
  • Implications for the US in the distinctions between HELE and CCS technologies for clean coal
  • Is clean coal technology the only way forward for coal-fired power generation in the US?
  • Available HELE and CCS technologies and examples of operational plants
  • Is clean coal technology commercially viable?
12:00PM 輸出について
  • At what freight rates do US coal exports become uneconomic?
  • Understanding the supply/demand balance in the dry bulk market
  • How has the expansion of the Panama Canal affected the economic viability of US exports into Asia?
  • Forecasting freight rates over the next four quarters
12:30PM 閉会挨拶、昼食

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