1日目−2016年5月18日 (水)

9:00 歓迎と開会の挨拶

9:15 CEO壇上インタビュー−市場のトレンド−調達側の視点


  • How is the new supply/demand outlook changing procurement strategies?
  • What energy mix will utilities seek to achieve?
  • How will the liberalisation of energy markets affect business strategy?
  • How can buyers maximise supply security? 

Speaker: Yuji Kakimi, President, JERA

10:00 規制の最新動向−市場のトレンド−政府側の視点


  • What are the aims of gas liberalisation in Japan?
  • How long will it take for liberalisation to take effect?
  • What are the plans for Japan’s nuclear capacity?
  • How will new buyers affect longstanding relationships between buyers and sellers?

Chairman: Yuki Sadamitsu, Director, Oil & Gas Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI)

Panellists: Yohei Ogino, Deputy Director, Energy Strategic Planning Office, METI
Naoya Ono, Deputy Director, Electricity Market Office, METI
Takeshi Fujimoto, Director, Gas Market Division, METI

10:45 休憩

11:15 業界シンクタンク1−アジア市場の展望と取引量の予測


  • How will supply/demand dynamics evolve in Asia?
  • What role will FLNG and FSRU play in the Asian market?
  • Will new markets stimulate Asian demand for LNG?
  • How will new entrants into LNG shape the market in the long-term?

Chairman: Masakazu Toyoda, Chairman & CEO, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Panellists: Chris Wilshaw, General Manager, Shell Eastern LNG
David Thomas, Head of LNG, Vitol
Sunao Okamoto, General Manager LNG Trading Department, Osaka Gas

12:15 業界シンクタンク2−信頼性の高い価格決定メカニズムの開発による透明性の向上


  • What are the problems facing existing price indices?
  • Is there a need for an Asian gas hub?
  • Can market liquidity expand without standardised pricing mechanisms?
  • How viable will oil indexing remain for the foreseeable future?

Chairman: Masakazu Toyoda, Chairman & CEO, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Panellists: Alex Bower, Head of LNG Trading, Engie
Peter Abdo, Managing Director, Merril Lynch Commodities (Europe)
Eric Simon, CEO, GDF Suez Trading Singapore

13:00 昼食

14:30 グループ討論


  • Table 1: Facilitating cargo swaps to optimise logistics
  • Table 2: Overcoming logistical challenges of spot trading
  • Table 3: New uses of LNG in stimulating demand
  • Table 4: Analysing demand for vessels to maximise profits


15:15 グループ討論の総括

15:35 休憩

16:00 業界シンクタンク3−契約交渉の動向と良い条件で契約を締結するための方策


  • What changes are taking place in LNG contracting?
  • How are spot cargoes successfully contracted?
  • What contractual clauses can ensure the best deals for traders?
  • Which pricing mechanisms are best for different contract types?

Panellists: Luc Speeleveld, Head of LNG – Asia, Gunvor
Richard Feely, Principal Counsel, Global Energy Marketing and Shipping, BG Group

17:00 海上輸送にスポットライトを当てた講演−LNG海上輸送市場における課題への対応と取引の効率化


  • How will market liquidity impact the shipping market?
  • What are the consequences to the charter market of cheap LNG?
  • With what methods will ship owners react to a fluctuating market?
  • Is the shipping market undergoing fundamental changes?

Panellists: Takeshi Hashimoto, Managing Executive Officer, Mitsui OSK Lines

18:00 1日目の総括

18:15 レセプション


2日目−2016年5月19日 (木)

9:00 2日目の開会挨拶

9:15 業界シンクタンク4−エネルギーミックスのなかでLNGが担う役割の分析に基づく将来需要の予測


  • What are the government plans for Japan’s future energy mix?
  • Can LNG compete with coal?
  • How plausible is LNG as a transition fuel to cut emissions?
  • Will renewables limit LNG growth?

Chairman: Teruyuki Ohno, Executive Director, Japan Renewable Energy Foundation
Panellists: Hiroyasu Mizukami, General Manager, Fuel Department, Hokuriku Electric Power Company

10:15 業界シンクタンク5−各種金融商品を利用したリスクの軽減


  • What is the current state of LNG derivatives trading?
  • Where are the future growth prospects for LNG derivatives trading?
  • How is LNG hedging going to develop?
  • What risk management strategies are available?

Chairman: Takayuki Sumita, Director-General for Commerce, Distribution and Industrial Safety Policy, Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI)
Peter Abdo, Managing Director, Merril Lynch Commodities (Europe)

11:15 休憩

11:45 商品市場にスポットライトを当てた講演−LNG市場と他の商品市場との類似性の認識

  • How did oil and iron ore markets respond to liquidity growth?
  • What parallels can be drawn from the liquidity growth of the iron ore market and current LNG market conditions?
  • How was the growth of liquidity in oil markets exploited by traders?
  • What business lessons from the changes in the steam coal market are relevant to the current developments in LNG?

Panellists: David Finch, Chief Commercial Officer – Global Commodities, Uniper Global Commodities SE

12:30 業界シンクタンク6−LNGにまつわる経済環境の変化と新たなビジネスチャンスの発見


  • Are low prices changing LNG trading fundamentals?
  • Are buyer-seller relations permanently altered?
  • How can new projects achieve FID?
  • Is a global LNG price on the horizon?

Chairman: Shigeru Muraki, Vice Chairman, Tokyo Gas 

Panellists: Luca Tonello, Head of Project Finance, Investment Banking Asia, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Javier Moret, Head of LNG Origination, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH
Karsten Plauborg, Director of LNG, DONG Energy

13:15 昼食

14:30 グループ討論


  • Table 1: Developing new project financing strategies to support future production
  • Table 2: How to profit from the reselling of LNG by importing nations
  • Table 3: Assessing the creditworthiness of emerging markets and their long-term impact on LNG trading dynamics
  • Table 4: Maintaining quality of supply to maximise profit margins


15:10 グループ討論の総括

15:30 閉会の挨拶

15:45 フォーラム閉幕


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