Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 9th Annual

Antibodies for Cancer Therapy
( がん治療のための抗体 )

Driving Breakthrough Therapies


Antibodies have great specificity and potency to be directed against cancer. The latest wave of novel antibody designs leverages our current knowledge of the tumor microenvironment and immune cell populations and our understanding of biology for selective targeting. Don’t miss the Ninth Annual Antibodies for Cancer Therapy conference for a meeting of the great thought leaders in the field to share creative ideas and advance clinical progress.

Learn how to:


  • Select viable emerging targets
  • Review candidates in preclinical and clinical development
  • Predict success of combination therapy and immunotherapy
  • Assess latest approaches and progress with CAR T therapy and checkpoint inhibitors
  • Understand and overcome resistance mechanisms
  • Address B7-H3, mesothelin and other hot targets
  • Engage T cell, macrophage and other immune cells
  • Prioritize targets in the tumor microenvironment
  • Design novel bispecific and antibody-drug conjugates

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