Cambridge Healthtech Institute 第5回

Adoptive T Cell Therapy 2: Development

( 養子T細胞療法2:開発 )


養子T細胞療法薬の開発をテーマにしたこのカンファレンスプログラムでは、キメラ抗原受容体 (CAR) 、T細胞受容体 (TCR) 、腫瘍内浸潤リンパ球 (TIL) を利用した治療法の実用化に必要なステップが焦点となります。会期中は、臨床研究の進展、ケーススタディ、養子T細胞療法を有効に機能させるうえで重要な意味を持つ要素などのトピックが取り上げられます。

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • What's New in Adoptive Cell Therapy
    • New developments: Leapfrogging to commercialization
    • New tools: Next-gen CAR designs, gene editing, off-the-shelf cells
    • Emerging targets: Tumor-specific mutations
  • Autologous Immune Cell Products
  • Adoptive Cell Therapy Using Non-Genetically Manipulated Lymphocytes
    • Improving and extending T cell therapies to target tumor-specific mutation
  • Adoptive Cell Therapy Using Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) and T Cell Receptors (TCR)
    • Increasing T cell potency and persistence
    • Creating more controllable T cells
    • Moving towards treatment of solid malignancies
    • Clinical trial updates
  • Allogeneic Immune Cell Products
    • New platform technologies
    • Preclinical data and clinical studies

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